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welcome to oekom research 

oekom research AG is one of the world's leading rating agencies in the area of sustainable investment. Our research insights provide you with a competitive edge, allowing you to blend sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) with a high rate of return. As the experienced partner of numerous institutional investors and financial service providers, we develop tailor-made services and investment strategies in a rapidly growing sector.

Our sustainability research covers major issuers of shares and bonds (companies, countries and supranational institutions). When assessing securities, we attach great importance to high standards in quality, independence and transparency.

Since 1993, oekom research has actively helped to shape the sustainable investment market. Our analysts’ services and expertise are in high demand. Their evaluations provide companies with an astute yardstick and simultaneously fuel their interest in integrating environmental, social and corporate governance concerns into day-to-day management. 


United Kingdom to leave EU


The United Kingdom voted for leaving the European Union (EU) in a referendum on June 23. With 51.9% of the British voters in favour of the “Leave”-campaign which became widely known under the name “Brexit”, the UK government is now tasked with entering lengthy negotiations with the EU on the process of withdrawal and future mutual relationships.

After announcing his resignation on the morning following the vote, the incumbent British Prime Minister, David Cameron, passed the responsibility for formally starting the withdrawal process to his successor in office, who will be determined until October. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty stipulates the scenario for a member state’s disintegration from the EU. Accordingly, the government of the state willing to leave needs to notify the European Council of its intention and in return a qualified majority of the Council (without the requesting member state) needs to mandate the European Commission with the initiation of negotiations on an agreement for the future framework under which the relationship between the leaving member state and the European Union will be concluded. more...

oekom research expands its presence to the US


ESG expert Ariane de Vienne to head future oekom office in New York

Ariane de Vienne

oekom research, one of the leading international rating agencies for sustainable investments, continues to expand its global reach and establishes a subsidiary in the US. In a first step, seasoned investment and sustainability professional Ariane de Vienne joined oekom research on June 1st as head of the New York office.

In her role she is responsible for managing operations in the US, and to drive business development, sales and client relations in North America. oekom´s expansion is a critical move to support the world’s largest investment market with high quality ESG research and sustainable investment services. more...

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United Kingdom to leave EU


oekom research expands its presence to the US


2016 Green Bond Awards Confirm Quality of oekom research’s Second Party Opinions


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